Felt cat

A man has a cat friend he carries everywhere.

Others only see a man with a whole-arm cat puppet with a offhand-operated armature to emote the puppet's tail.

The cat knows things, but when the man tells other people, they only think the man's cuckoo has escaped his clock.

In the end, the cat runs away.

Phideaux's unexpected detour

Phideaux, Spider-Ted and Doctor Snapclaw (not his unpronounceable real name, but what Phideaux called him) were in a shuttle heading for a regional conference. Since joining the Galacticum science directorate and being assigned to UX-442 (out on the far edge of Galacticum space), this would be Phideaux's first time going to a conference. He was to give a talk about utilizing natural fibers found on UX-442.